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Weekly Vocaloid Songs~The Kagamine Tragedies                                                                 This week's song has answer songs to it! XD  These 4 videos are translated strangely. They are all connected, so watch them in the order it is shown. I think that this is the story of how they became vocaloids.

Daughter Of Evil~Rin Kagamine


Servant of Evil~Len Kagamine

 Regret Message~Rin


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Character Profiles ~ Hobbies, Likes, and others about your favorite VOCALORDS!!!


 Name: Hatsune Miku

Meaning: Sound of the Future

Age: 16

Favorite Food: Leek

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 42 kg


Name: Rin Kagamine

Age: 14

Favorite fruit: Orange

Height: 152 cm

Weight: 43 kg 

 Name: Len Kagamine

Age: 14

Favorite fruit: Banana

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 47 kg


Name: Megurine Luka

Meaning: The sound that travels

Age: 20

Favorite Food: Tuna or fish

Height: 162 cm

weight: 45 kg (99 pounds)

Unique: sing both english and Japanese. First vocaloid to not be a vegetarian lolz.

Singing genres: Jazz, latino, and electronica

Name: Kaito Shion

Age: 20

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Height: 178 cm

picture by urusai-baka on deviantart.com

Name: Meiko Sakine

Age: Unknown (if you know, please send me a message or post a comment anywhere.)

Favorite Drink: Sake (Beer)


Weight: unknown


Name: IA

Age: 15

Favorite Food: Unknown (If you know please tell us immediately)

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown 


Name: Gumi

Age: Around 16 (Gumi's has no offical weight, height, or age, but is estimated to be about the same as Hatsune Miku's)

Height: 158cm


Meet the Vocaloids


 Hatsune Miku 

Hatsune Miku is the first installment in the Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series released on August 31, 2007. The name of the character of the software was chosen by combining Hatsu. A Hatsune Miku manga called Maker Hikoshiki Hatsune Mix began in the Japan manga magazine Comic Rush on November 26, 2007. The manga is drawn by Kei, the original character designer for Hastune Miku. A second Manga called Hachune Miku no Nichijo Roipara! drawn by Ontama began in the manga magazine Comp Ace on December 26, 2007.

* try out the mangas Maker Hikoshiki Hatsune Mix and Hachune Miku no Nichijo Roipara!

Kagamine Len and Rin  

Released on December 27, 2007, Kagamine Ren & Len is the second installment of the Vocaloid Character Vocal Series, a brother (Len) and a sister (Rin ) twin pair. Their family name was chosen by combing Kagami (Mirror) Ne (sound), with the syllables of their given name a pun on "left" and "Right".

Kamui Gakupo 

 Musician and actor Gackt lent his voice and stage name for the creation of a new vocaloid, Gakupo Kamui. Yamaha wanted to utilize the voice of a musician but felt it would be difficult to aqquire cooperation. They consulted Dwango (new owner of Vocaloid publisher Internet Co. Ltd.), who suggested Gackt. Reffered to alternately as Gakupoid or Gackpoid, the most recent release includes a new program, OPUS Express, for mixing vocal parts with accompianment and phoneme data. The new software will be available for download for usrs with registered copies of previous Vocaloids. 

 Megurine Luka

Luka Megurine is the third Vocaloid in Crypton's character series. her character details were released on the 5th of January 2009. Preferred tempos: 65 to 145 BPM 



Kaito is a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music) software created by Crypton Future Media. His voice is completely computer synthezed therefore less smooth sounding. Although rough, Kaito and his sibling Meiko are able to incorporate much broader voice than Miku and Rin/Len. As a mascot character, he is the older brother figure for the entire Vocaloid group, frequently called Oni~san. He wears a white coat and a blue muffler. He is very popular among the females and sings a lot of BL themed songs.    


Meiko is also a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music) software created by Crypton Future Media. Her voice is also completely computer synthesized thus making it less smooth sounding. She is like the older sister figure of the Vocaloid group. She wears red, and carries around a microphone stand.

P.S. She also is frequently seen drinking from One Cup Ozeki, a sake widely available through vending machines.


 IA has a light toned voice that is soft and relatively clear. Her basic personality is that of a dreamer, and she is often portrayed in fan art and PVs with a distant look on her face. Her songs also give this impression. She wants to be friends with everyone.

She is voiced by singer Lia and is not computer synthesized. Her name is named after Lia (LIA=IA)


 Gumi is an official mascot character of Megpoid which is a singing software. Megpoid is voiced by Megumi Nakajima. Her name is named after Megumi (Megumi=Gumi)

Gumi often wears her goggles and headphones.

Other Vocaloids~ fanmade

Other hatsune miku versions:

Hachune Miku 


 A fanmade version of hatsune miku that is used most often in the song called levan polka, which is sung by her. TEEHEE          

Mikuo Hatsune~ the boy version of Hatsune Miku.                     

Zatsune Miku 

Another version of Kaito::

Kaiko ~ the girl version of Kaito 

 Another version of the Kagamines:

Haine Len and Rin~ The older version of Len and Rin except with black hair. 

Another version of Meiko:

Meito~ the boy version of Meiko. 

Another version of Gakupo:

Kamui Gakupo~ The girl version of Gakupo 

Another version of Megurine Luka:

Megurine Luka~ The boy version of Luka 

Other fanmade vocaloids and UTAU:

 ~ Macne Nana


~Akita Neru 

~Honne Dell 




~Teto Kasane 


In case you haven't heard of Project Diva~

Project Diva is a PSP game that was made in Japan. It is a rhythm game. It uses the vocaloid characters in their songs, making them dance and sing at the same time. Here are some examples (some of my favorites :D) : 






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